​"Those who are genuinely devoted to God love God with all that they have, their hearts, minds, and souls. They merge with the Will of God, and act through His Heart.  
You can do the same; be fearless and choose Love. " ~ Elaine Yoshikawa


I began my collegiate career as a piano performance major and studied at the Eastman School of Music and the Mannes College of Music. But my attention turned to philosophy before completing my Bachelor’s of Music degree. Eventually I received my B.A. in philosophy from University of California, Berkeley.

Since a philosophy degree is not exactly a practical degree, I decided to learn a marketable skill, and became a programmer/systems analyst for 5 years. At that time, while I was working on an artificial intelligence project, my interest in philosophy and philosophical issues was rekindled. Soon thereafter, I entered the graduate program in philosophy at Arizona State University where I received my M.A. and Ph.D.

Over time, I learned how to present philosophical materials in a way that is accessible to people who have not been exposed to analytical modes of thinking. I have taught philosophy courses at Arizona State University for over 14 years, and have given several public talks on: the philosophy of happiness, virtue ethics, Christian and Buddhist ethics, and moral psychology.

In my new book and talks, I integrate what I have learned from the Western analytic style of thinking (where the emphasis is on logic, reason, and rationality) with the wisdom traditions found in both Eastern and Western philosophy.


​When the energies from the God’s Heart enter your heart, you are transformed. You are no longer the person you thought yourself to be. As you connect with the Sacred Heart of Jesus, your own gifts are given life, animated, and magnified. These treasures are gifts that are deep within your own soul.

You have no idea how loving you are, how much of God’s love flows through your depths.

What is stunning is how real and palpable the energies of genuine compassion and unconditional love are. Sometimes those energies seem to be the only things that exist in the world. 

There is inconceivable warmth, the vibrational frequencies are so high, and these realms feel so soft and etheric. It is heavenly. There is only the brilliant light of All That Is. 

There is only existence, an ineffable Oneness, sacred and absolute.
There is so much going on in God’s Heart, and yet it is profoundly still. 
There are infinite levels of knowing God.  
That is the complexity of God.  
There is constant creation and there is constant movement—within the depth of Stillness. 
Each movement creates infinite ripples of universal forms, infinite forms of love. 
That is the simplicity of God.

What is described is only one level of knowing God, while there are infinite levels of being. What I am relaying here is my interpretation, one interpretation among so many.

Each person is required to use his or her own discernment. That is all anyone of us can do. If you open your heart and allow yourself to be taken over by these words and the energies permeated within them, you can travel to the same realm where these words originated.  

You can experience this state for yourself, and glean all the information available in these realms. Your soul already knows how to do this.  

I want to repeat that. You already know, deep within you, deep within your soul, how to do this.  

What if all the secrets of the universe were veiled and hidden within your depths? What if you could remove these veils and see with the Eyes of God? What kind of life would you lead? This book is about the call the author received to live life from within God's Heart.

When you awaken in the Sacred Heart you open yourself to the vast, timeless worlds within your own being, within your own heart. You are being called to awaken from your dreams and to live in a new, expanded dream that traverses other dimensions, other realities. There is a way to live life in harmony with your authentic divine nature.

This book takes you into dimensions of Light, worlds that possess a stunning, unearthly beauty--the beauty found within the Bliss of knowing God.

    There are infinite levels of knowing God. 
    This is the complexity of God.  
    There is constant creation and there is constant movement--within the depth of Stillness.  
    Each movement creates infinite ripples of universal forms, all infinite forms of love.                                             This is the simplicity of God.

The author wrote this book from a dream within a dream --where the veil is slightly torn, and you are given a glimpse of just how large you are. ​

Rosina Wilson, Editor: 
“Marvelous, heart-centered, beautifully written manuscript!” 

Idony Lisle, Style Editor
“It has the clarity of running spring water.”
“This text has a beautifully uncompromising tone, with truth after truth laid forth in elegance.”
“The reader’s identity with God and welcoming into the Sacred Heart are as crisp as geometry proofs.”

Curtis Mischler, author of Trinity
“I really enjoyed it!”
“Overall I felt uplifted while reading your book. I felt "love" throughout.”
“I believe this book is required reading to be a human on this planet in today's world. I absolutely loved it and felt like I was meant to read it.”

Diomira D’Agostino, author of the Amazon #1 new release and bestseller, The Forest Speaks Series: Through the Eyes of the Dragon 
“There are certain points made within the book that I could meditate on for long periods of time. I loved reading your process of ever-unfolding acceptance. It felt so human and beautiful. I cannot even begin to convey how deeply emotional and awestruck I became at the idea that all things were someone’s creation/dream/idea. I was entranced.
I am Expanded! Awestruck! Grateful! Enlightened! Loved. I felt a sublime and otherworldly love-light being transmitted from a dimension beyond the words. The book is a bridge of light that transcends space and time bringing light frequencies of the higher realms to the reader. What a profound and celestial experience! This book pours heaven into Earth and spiritualizes matter.”
Elaine is also the author of the #1 Amazon bestseller, The Shift Journey: Spirituality, Virtues, and Unconditional Love. Read more.